Fastercare Services

We treat each patient individually! Get the care you need today!

Fastercare is an urgent care center that is capable of diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical problems. We do not charge patients an inflated “facility fee” on top of services received, and we do not charge ER rates.

Our Services Include:

– X-ray Suite
– Fracture Stabilization and Care
– IV Fluids & Medications
– Urine & Blood Testing-Pregnancy Testing
– Rapid Tests For Strep, Mono, RSV, & Flu
– COVID rapid, PCR
– Antibody testing
– Sports physicals

Our Facility Also Treats Other Urgent, But No Less Important, Medical Problems As:

– Cough/Cold/Flu
– Fever
– Asthma/Allergy Symptoms
– Sinus/Ear infections
– Pneumonia
– Bites/Stings/Rashes/Poison Ivy
– Strep/flu/mono testing
– Sore Throats
– Diarrhea/Indigestion
– Pink Eye
– Pregnancy Testing
– Sports/Camp Physicals
– Flu Shots
– TB testing

Our Specialties Include the Evaluation and Treatment of:

– Minor Abdominal Pain
– Minor Accidents & Injuries
– Allergic Reactions
– Dehydration
– Laceration (Stitches) Care
– Minor Burns
– Fracture Care / Broken Bones
– Shortness of Breath
– Removal of Foreign Body