Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Appointment?

No. Please feel free to visit us anytime during our office hours.

How long is the wait?

If there is a wait, once registered, it is typically between 10-15 minutes during non-peak hours.

Do you accept and file insurance?

Yes, we accept most major health insurances and for those health insurances that we do accept, we will file your claim for you.

Do you accept governmental insurances such as medicaid, medicare and tricare?

No, not at this time. However, you may still be seen as a self pay patient.

Do you treat pediatric patients?

Yes, we can treat patients of all ages.

Do you accept ambulances?


Do you accept workman’s comp insurance?

No, not at this time.

If i am injured in a car accident can you file my claim with the auto insurance company?

No, not at this time.

Thank you to Dr. Yang and his staff. My son recently had stitches put in and removed at Fastercare. The staff was so courteous and patient in dealing with him. Thank you so much for your care, patience, and professionalism especially during this peak flu season.

–The Nicholson Family